LaGarde Funeral Home Inc.
236 Union Avenue
Paterson, NJ 07522

Welcome to the LaGarde Funeral Home Inc. website. It is our desire to provide you with valuable information to assist you in making wise decisions during your moment of need.

The LaGarde Funeral Home Inc. is truly a family owned and operated business owned by Rev. Frederick H. LaGarde Jr., and his wife Mrs.Dana Hailstock-LaGarde. We believe in providing a ministry of comfort in your time of need "Blessed Are They That Mourn For They Shall Be Comforted".

When a family calls us in their time of need they can be assured that we are there to serve them to the best of our ability regardless of race, creed, gender, or economic condition. LaGarde Funeral Home Inc. management and staff beleives we are our brothers keeper and the way we treat people is the way we treat God.

We encourage you to browse our website stop by our facilities and call on us in your time of need. You can rest assured that during the hour you need us most that all will proceed with the quiet dignity and reverence that you and your loved one deserves

At LaGarde Funeral Home Inc., we believe that economical service and quality care are essential and available for all families who place their trust in us.test link

Email: info@lagardefuneralhome.com

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